We have been enjoying the sweet, salty goodness of the Homemade Lox all week. Last night, we had dinner with Sarah and Tim. While shaving off the last few pieces of pink goodness from one section of the lox, all that was left was the skin and a bit of meat around the edges. It was time to make Broiled Salmon Skin.

Salmon Skin Salmon Skin Down

To make it, I simply applied a bit of kosher salt and placed it skin-side-up on an aluminum foil covered baking sheet. Into the broiler it went. I checked it every two minutes for a total of six minutes. At the four minute point, it had some large air bubbles that were unsightly, but the rest of the skin was still not crisp. My guess is that the portions of the skin with less meat expanded faster.

Broiled Salmon Skin

When it was done, I sliced it into rectangles about 1×3 inch pieces and seasoned it all with tellicherry black pepper. They were incredibly delicious!

Sliced Broiled Salmon Skin

Jessica also whipped up a quick, delicious tapas dish of Chili Garlic Shrimp. She sauteed some plump shrimp in the Chili Oil we made with garlic. Then seasoned with salt and pepper.

Chili Carlic Shrimp

Also on the table were lots of other homemade items including Turkey Meatballs Puttanesca, No-Knead Bread, an Orzo Salad (recipe coming soon), and the Lox. We served the lox, salmon skin, along with some Calabrese salami (from Keith) on the beautiful board we picked up in Chicago. There were other goodies as well, but they were purchased; such as Camember, Humboldt Fog, Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and more.


We ate everything in many combinations. The salmon skin was delicious alone, with shrimp, with chili oil, and various other ways. It was quick and delicious… since we happened to have salmon skin handy.

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