After lunch at Deborah, my mom wanted to go somewhere to celebrate Grand Uncle Dalton’s birthday. The catch is, my mom wanted to have a whole cake, not just a place with dessert. Bakeries with seating for 7 people are hard to find. We had thought of La Bergamote but they don’t take reservations. They told us to call right before coming and check. We did and they said they couldn’t seat us. Payard doesn’t give reservations for just dessert. You have to eat a meal. Suddenly, Lon thought of Zaro’s New York Bakery. The location at Broadway and 21st Zaro’s New York Bakery has a pretty large seating area upstairs. It wouldn’t be fancy, plastic forks and paper plates, coffee out of disposable cups, but what we were out of options.

In the end, the cake was decent looking (except for the bad handwriting), but tasted pretty terrible. The yellow cake was very dry and the mocha cream tasted like mocha flavored vegetable shortening.

Zaro's cake

Yet, I think it’s important to remember this place. The service was friendly. On a weekend, it’s quiet. It’s inexpensive by Manhattan standards, and it might just be the only choice you have at times.
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