I love the name Pete’s-A-Place Pete’s-A-Place. It’s hilarious.

Delivery took about 30 minutes, which is ok, but everything was only slightly above room temperature so I had to take the time to reheat everything. We got a large pie (half plain, half sausage). Nothing special. It’s average dough, average sauce, average cheese.

half plain half sausage

The pepperoni roll was below average, possibly old?

pepperoni roll

We did like Mama’s Eggplant, one of their specialty pies. The eggplant is very tender and topped with a sweet sauce (different from the pizza sauce). While it’s unique and we mostly enjoyed it, it does get a little too sweet by the end of the slice.

eggplant pie

Overall, it wasn’t memorable, so it’s likely we won’t order again.
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