After touring the Baltimore Aquarium, my dad spotted a tall narrow building and wanted to know what it was. Lon guessed that it was a shot tower and turned out to be right (the Phoenix Shot Tower to be precise). As we drove over to take a clsoer look, my brother spotted Patisserie Poupon Patisserie Poupon – Baltimore. We needed to kill some time anyway so an afternoon dessert break was perfect.

My coffee was weak (watered down) but everything else was great, not-too-sweet, fresh, and reminiscent of Europe. One was a Chocolate Almond Layer Cake, indulgent without weighing you down.

Poupon - Almond Chocolate Napoleon

The Mocha Eclair was creamy and balanced.

Poupon - Mocha Eclair

The Pear Tart was flaky, buttery, and very natural tasting. My dad was so impressed, he immediately purchased another one. The rest of us agreed… it was really that good and totally deserving of all the praise.

Poupon - Pear Tart 3

As we sat around eating the wonderful desserts we chatted with a staff member who pointed out Chef Joseph Poupon working away just past the window behind the counter. Lon kept raving about the huge block of butter he was using.

Poupon - Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse Cake 2

Everyone was so happy, my brother decided to by a whole cake to bring to our uncle’s house later. The Choclate Hazelnut Mousse Cake was strikingly beautiful and everyone (about 12 or more people) who tasted it loved it. Some were reminded of a Ferrero Rocher and I could see why — it was chocolate and hazelnut and there was a layer of wafer along with cake and mousse. It was much less sweet than the supermarket sweets and more sophisticated.

Poupon - Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse Cake 3

The prices for the single serve pastries were similar to NYC prices ($5 – $7 each), which surprised us, but the whole cake at $36 is a relative steal. Either way, their products are really superb, made with top notch ingredients, restraint on sugar, and look beautiful. We’d definitely be regulars if we lived in the area.

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