Happy Holidays!

For a full review of Numero 28, read my first review (more comprehensive) and my second (a confirmation). We’ve been back several times, and I don’t have much to add, but the old posts don’t have good pics of the food, so I thought you’d appreciate having some.

They have fresh salads covered in copious amounts of cheese.

Arugala Salad

The meatballs were too salty, but the only thing I’ve ever disliked at Numero 28.


I always get a plain pie. They have 3 types, varying by fresh, regular, or buffalo mozzarella. This was the one with buffalo mozzarella.
buffalo mozzarella

Here’s one with ham, artichoke, mushrooms, and olives.


I even liked the one with Ricotta and Sopressata, even though I’m not a fan of white pizzas, or ricotta.
sopressata ricotta

They’re still my favorite pizza place in Manhattan, particularly because of their super fabulous pizza dough!

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