My cousins in Maryland like a fast food chain called Moby Dick’s Moby Dick’s, so a crowd of us went for an early lunch on Saturday. I’m impressed that the suburbs have Persian fast food, but does it still qualify if they are really really slow?

I tasted some of my cousins hummus, which was pretty good, thick, and didn’t skimp on the tahini. The flatbread is also freshly made in a tandoor, with the good texture of stretchy pizza dough.


The Gyro Platter is horrendous though, the meat tasting like highly processed microwaved frozen food. The generous portion can’t help there.


Combo #2 included a platter of good basmati rice (Is that pat of butter traditional?), the flatbread, so-so Kubideh (ground sirloin), and impressively moist Joojeh (chicken breast).
combo 2

The salad was fresh but the dressing they gave us tasted like heavily herbed windex.

spinach salad

The food’s kind of hit or miss and for stuff served on plastic and styrofoam plates, $29.10 (with one bottle of water and a hot tea) is kind of much. We’re not likely to go again.
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