We’ve posted about Jade Asian Restaurant Jade Asian Restaurant before, recommending the dim sum, but rating the dinner rather low. It’s only fair to report that our most recent visit (dinner) was an improvement. It was a banquet in honor of Rebecca’s (our cousin’s baby) first birthday and the food was very good.

We started with a beautiful cold plate, an assortment of Chinese style cold cuts, and jellyfish on top of pickled veggies.

cold plate

Here’s a closer view. The detail is pretty impressive.
cold meats

The soup was made with egg white drop and fish stomach, thickened with cornstarch, and very peppery.

Fish Stomach Soup

Lon and I loved the stir fry of scallop, squid, snow peas, and jalapeno, in XO sauce. The seafood was perfectly cooked and the the flavor was so nicely balanced.

Shrimp and Squid in XO sauce

Walnut Mayo Shrimp is a popular banquet dish, but I really liked the way this one was made. The mayo sauce did not cover every inch of the crispy plump shrimp so I could pick out ones with bit less and there was a lot more broccoli than usual.
Walnut Shrimp

The Garlic Chicken was great as usual, simply crispy skin with moist meat (even the white meat).

Garlic Chicken

The Fried Fish came out piping hot and fresh, soft and flaky on the inside, airy and crispy on the outside.

Fried Fish

The Lobster in Scallion Sauce was standard.

Lobster in Scallion

The Mixed Mushroom dish was awesome: button mushrooms, oyster, enoki, black mushrooms, and one I don’t know the English name for. Somehow, they all seemed like they were on steroids, ultra plump and meaty.

Mixed Mushrooms

For birthdays, you have to have birthday noodles. (It’s a Chinese tradition to eat long noodles for birthdays to represent the wishing of a long life.)

birthday noodles

By now, I was too full and only took a few bites of fried rice, but it was good.

Fried Rice

Everything was pretty good and for special events, they have private rooms you can reserve. It’s probably the nicest looking restaurant in Flushing too.

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