I’ve walked by Irving Mill Irving Mill several times before thinking it was a bar. I was totally surprised to see a very large country style dining room. We absolutely loved the atmosphere, well-lit and spacious. It just felt so comfortable, like a vacation from the city. The menu seemed focused on eggs and pigs, fitting for such a space, so we over-ordered, as we often do.

The Cream of Wheat Griddle Cakes (with huckleberry jam and maple syrup) peaked my interest, something I’ve never seen. It’s a nice alternative texture to regular pancakes. You’ll notice the cream of wheat but it’s not at all gritty and remains very soft. Just two (roughly 6″) pieces seems a bit small for $9.

Cream of Wheat Griddle Cakes

The Egg Sandwich averaged out to ok, with good bacon, excellent fluffy eggs, but a dry biscuit. The gravy helped but it needed a bit more help. It seems that someone forgot to dress the salad. At $10, it’s fine.

Egg Sandwich

The Brunch Charcroute Plate was also a mix of hit and miss. Lon liked the Boudin Noir, not the Boudin Blanc. I found neither of interest, the noir extra gamey, the blanc oddly lemon-y. The Pork Belly was peppered but not salted (at all), but we liked the smudge of Pork and Liver Rillette on toast. It was flavorful and seasoned. The dish comes with two poached eggs and they were nice enough to change one to scrambled for Lon (who does not like poached eggs). My poached egg was perfect and seasoned. Almost forgot the cabbage underneath, which was really sad, vinegary and extra salty, but missed the right balance.

Brunch Charcroute Plate

It also comes with Duck Fat Chips that come out freshly fried. Mmm, tasty fat. Still at $22, I found this plate terribly disappointing.
duck fat fries

I really wanted to like this place, but the food didn’t meet the space. Yesterday was only the 2nd brunch since their new chef so perhaps they will work out their kinks.
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