I recently sampled 3 products from Intentional Chocolate, a chocolate company that differentiates itself from the saturated market by infusing their chocolate with good intent. At first, I thought that was really corny, but you know how grandma’s food is so good because it’s made with love, well, they’re working under that same premise. I’m not sure I’m sold on that yet, but what I am sold on is just plain old good chocolate, especially when it’s dark chocolate.

Their cute box of Love Truffles comes with three different flavors: Tahitian Vanilla (the only one we didn’t like), Lilikoi (my favorite), and Kona Coffee (Lon’s favorite).

Love truffles truffle

There is a firm outer shell coated with unsweetened cocoa powder, and a soft creamy ganache inside.
bitten truffle

We also tried the Fine Dark Chocolate Pistoles with Intention. It’s a nice smooth dark chocolate, which I made Molten Chocolate Cakes with. They were a big hit!

molten chocolate cake with powdered sugar

Last but not least, we tried the Intentional Hot Dark Chocolate, and as a dark chocolate lover, this hits the spot.

These would make cute gifts for your favorite chocolate lover! Why?

  • I like their packaging.
  • Intentional Chocolate is committed to giving back.
  • They have free shipping (on orders $50 or more) until Dec 19th so hurry.
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