Grom Grom, a gelato shop from Italy, has two location in NY. The flavors are so interesting, stuff like Zabaione, Fiordilatte, Malaga, Cassata Siciliana, etc. (Sorry for the horrid picture.)


Between the four of us (Tim, Melinda, me, and Lon), we ordered Pistachio, Hazelnut, Pannetone, and a dark hot chocolate. At first, I though the prices were quite steep ($4.75 for a small cup), but after tasting, I can appreciate the price. They really use good ingredients (see more info on their site). The pistachio was the most natural I’ve tasted. The Pannetone really tasted like that sweet holiday bread. They were all rich, packed with real flavor, and overall, the closest to actual Gelato we’ve had in New York. But, we still have one major complaint. Most of them were so excessively sweet, not just to me, but for Lon too. As much as he liked the Pannetone, less than half was eaten. Seeing as how they have locations all over Italy, we’ve been wondering if they make sweeter version for their US (only NY so far) locations?

Aside, the dark hot chocolate was like pure liquid chocolate and good for two sips but just too thick and heavy for anyone to continue. We did discover another use for it though, chocolate sauce. The bitterness cuts the overly sweet gelato nicely. Still, less than half was finished so I’m not sure it’s worth the $5.

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