I hope you read through part 1 and it didn’t exhaust you.

We started building the base with the Cheerios Marshmallow Treats and some granola bars.

cheerio and granola bar base

We used this gingerbread recipe for the structural walls. Our gingerbread looks very dark because we used black strap molasses.

gingerbread cut-outs baked gingerbread cut-outs

While the gingerbread cooled, I made a batch of this royal icing recipe. We started the station building…

station base

I decided to cover the floor with royal icing because I didn’t like the seems.

royal icing floor

We realized it wasn’t high enough so we added another base, then started working on the front staircases.

add front area
Align Left

By this time, it was late, and we decided to go to bed. The next day, we worked on the roof, the bottom stairs, and the final decorations (which is part 3).

finishing details

Finish reading about Gingerbread Station in Part 3.

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