After our Gingerbread Station was made, we had some gingerbread left-over, tons of candy, and tons of royal icing. In this house, nothing can go to waste, so I asked my brother, Justin, and his girlfriend, Sophia, if they wanted to come make some gingerbread creations of their own. I baked off the gingerbread in squares, rectangles, triangles, stars, and a few Christmas shapes before they came and just left them with it as I did some other cooking with my mom. Boy was I impressed with the totally creative stuff they came up with! I had to show you:

The Ghostbuster

ghost buster

He even has a trap.
ghost buster 2

The dreidel

Check out the detail on this fireplace.


A tank.

Patrick from Spongebob.

Patrick 2

Christmas tree and Santa of course.

tree santa

No idea who this is…

x-mas guy

Some decorative Christmas tiles.
x-mas cookies

Happy Holidays!

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