What do you think of when you hear the word “crack”?

Most will likely think butt crack.

Some of you, who watch too many crime shows (like me) will think crack cocaine.

But the test of a true foodie….is when you hear “crack” and you start to drool, and think of the crack of a lovely quickbread or pound cake.

Is there a better part? As I was eating a slice of Butternut Squash Bread, I realized, I always save the “crack” for last, because I like saving the best for last (when I’m not worried about something hot getting cold). It’s moist and a little bit sticky, and if I could, I would just eat that part of every pound cake, banana bread, or zucchini bread, I could get my hands on. It’s kind of like the whole love of muffin tops. (Have you seen the episode on Seinfeld?) Should I start a store called “Just Crack”?

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