I’ve been wanting to try Clinton Street Baking Company Clinton Street Baking Company for a long time but deterred by the long lines. I figured a weekday would be better so I made plans to meet Emily there for lunch yesterday. With the heavy snow coming down, I was shocked to see how full they were. I put my name down and the hostess said it would be a 40 minute wait. Luckily, it was more like 30 minutes but still…

Emily is a vegetarian so in the interest of sharing, I gave up meat and cheese for this meal. I wanted the blueberry pancakes anyway and what a good choice!

blueberry pancakes

They were super fluffy pancakes and seriously packed with blueberries. The perfect level of sweetness allows you to skip the maple syrup (in this case maple butter). I finally found someone (Emily) who agrees with me on preferring not to use syrup. It’s a texture thing. It makes the pancakes soggy.

blueberry pancakes 2

We also split the Biscuit Egg Sandwich (hold the cheese). The scrambled eggs were done nicely, a generous mound, piled on one side, tomato jam on the other. The biscuit and potatoes were good (not super) but my only real complaint is that the tomato jam was cold and I wish it was warm. (Perhaps by calling it jam as opposed to sauce was their clue it was cold?)
biscuit egg sandwich

The meal is very affordable at around $14/$15 per person (including tax and tip) so I can see why the lines are so long. I’m still not willing to do an hour long wait, but I will try to come again during off hours. I really loved those pancakes.
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