On the coldest day of the Winter so far, 0 degrees F (-18 C), what better way is there to make yourself feel warm then by pretending you’re in the Caribbean, eating some tropical food? Yes, insanity is our friend. Well, what really happened was Olivia brought us some Fresh Coconut and a day or two earlier, Jessica’s mom brought us some wonderful mangos.

While reading about how to handle fresh coconut, I stumbled upon a recipe for Coconut Mango Rice. I excluded the green onion, but otherwise followed it exactly. The nice spin was (again) that I used freshly made coconut milk.

Mango Rice 1

Then I made up my own recipe for a main entree. Unfortunately, I didn’t write down the exact recipe, but here’s the gist.

Caribbean Shrimp 3

I melted the coconut oil in some extra virgin olive oil. Then I sauteed sliced red onion and red bell pepper with kosher salt until soft. I added minced ginger, garlic, and sliced jalapeno pepper. I seasoned with freshly ground coriander, mixed peppercorns, and cloves. When fragrant, I added large shrimp cut in half and some lime juice. After about two minutes, I cut the heat and added a slurry of corn starch and fresh coconut milk.

Caribbean Shrimp Plated 3

We served the shrimp over the rice. It was wonderful! The acidity from the lime cut the fat from coconut, and the sweetness of the mango balanced the slight heat from the jalapeno.

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