I haven’t been to Beyoglu Beyoglu in over two years so it was time to check if anything had changed. Like my last review, the thick pitas were a bit inconsistent, some warm and soft, some cold and dry, but overall rather average. Sadly, the octopus salad turned out to be quite chewy and I think the recipe/flavor has changed too. It’s no longer exciting, nor notable.

Octopus Salad

Thankfully, the Vegetarian Platter, an assortment of their mezes, is still wonderful. This platter of hummus, tabbouleh, spinach, cacik, baba ganouj, ezme, grape leaves, etc. is common at Middle Eastern/ Turkish restaurants but theirs seems more seasoned than average. For the most part, the enhanced flavors are preferable (especially if you eat it with bread), but eventually, the spinach is overly sweet and salty.

mixed plate

The Beyoglu Salad is quite large: romaine, carrots, olives, cucumber, tomatoes, pickled peppers, feta, and grilled chicken. It’s average.

Beyoglu Salad

The Grilled Shrimp was grilled nicely.
grilled shrimp

I’m not as impressed with Beyoglu as I used to be (I must mourn for my lost octopus salad) but for $13 per person (including tax and tip), I can’t complain. It’s still a good deal and all four of us were certainly full.
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