When my friend Sheryl went to Singapore, she asked me what I wanted. I said, anything edible that I can’t get here. She brought me several packets of Bah Kut Tea Spices, a sachet of spices that you cook in a soup to make it a Bah Kut Tea (translated to Meat Bone Tea). The most popular type is made with pork ribs.

Awesome, it’s something I’ve never had before, and I’ve never even heard of before. The cooking instructions on the back of the packet were hilarious: [my notes in orange]

Use: 5 Rice bowl water (1 Lt) [this so reminds me of my mom, when I ask her how much, she says 2 hanfuls], 1 packet of Bah Kut Tea Spices, 12 pieces of garlic boiled [what’s garlic boiled? I think they mean boiled garlic], add few drops of back soya sauce, put 600 gm (1 Kt) pork ribs and cook for 35 minutes.

This packet of Bah Kut Tea Spices can be best used to cook with chicken, beef, mutton, pig liver, kidney, pigtail and any other intestinal organs of pig. It can also be used to cook best with all kinds of noodles. For best taste, do not over cook (about 35 mins to an hour), after the required cooking time, do not leave the packet of spices in the cooked soup. Of course, if you like the soup to be very hot and spicy then leave the packet of spices in the cooked soup for a longer time to suit your taste. If the soup is not salty enough, do not add any other sauces except a pinch of salt for better taste. [Does anyone else find this funny? Is that not the most “if”s you’ve seen in cooking directions?]

Pepper, Salt, and Special Spices [this would not fly in the US]

It’s not really fair for me to pass judgment since I didn’t have pork ribs, but there was something very familiar about it to me, a definite Asian flair, and very strong on the white pepper.

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