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This may be shocking but I had never eaten White Castle before. I know you are already laughing at me but in case your interested in this unique perspective…I just tried it for the first time yesterday. After eating a cheeseburger, 2 burgers, and a few sides, I have two major complaints and one pro. You want the pro first? It’s not oily and greasy. That was a relief. I guess they steam them, which made my cheeseburger too soggy, but the other two burgers were ok (in that regard).

White Castle burger

Here are my two major complaints: The burgers were inconsistent and fast food has only one job, be consistent. I ate the cheeseburger first, which tasted pretty much like nothing, just hints of all the flavors, and aroma of bread, cheese, and onions. I got no sense of meat being in there although I could see it. Next, I had a hamburger, which was drenched in ketchup and tasted only like ketchup. Then, another hamburger, with barely any ketchup, but tons of pickles. What happened to consistency?
white castle burger 2

My other major complaint is that their French Fries suck!! Totally suck! They are soggy, not fried enough, and taste like crappy frozen ones that are baked.
French Fries

The onion rings and clam strips aren’t that good either, but at least they are a little crispy, the way fried things tend to be. Both were more like fried batter though, leaving out the onion or the clam.

Onion Rings Clam Strips

The mozzarella sticks were too salty but otherwise decent. The Vanilla Shake was super thick and nearly impossible to suck up a straw, which I kind of like, but the flavor was too fake.

Yea, I’m not a fan of fast food to begin with but at the very least, I do like McDonald’s and Burger King French Fries, and here you can’t even get that. BTW, Lon loves White Castle.

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