The Vinny Vincenz Pizza Mobile has been on my corner (Union Square West & 14th Street) for a while now but after my disappointing experience with Jianetto’s Pizza Truck, I’ve been reluctant. I’m not sure what motivated me today, but I guess I was hungry at the moment I walked by. I asked the gentlemen in the truck, Sicilian or plain slice, asked for it to be heated, and handed over the $2.50

Vinnie Vincenz

There oven must not be very hot because I’m pretty sure it was about room temperature. Luckily, I live close by so I headed home to stick it in my toaster. So, my verdict is: average sauce, average cheese, but I do like the dough. It’s fluffy and more airy than usual. However, pizza needs to be the full package and this isn’t. Oh well, I tried.
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