We met up with Shruti and Ekta for lunch at Tamarind Tamarind, mainly because it’s close to Lon’s office. He’s gone a few times and says it’s hit or miss, but we agreed this visit was closer to the hit side. Their food in enjoyable, mostly because the meats and fishes are very tender, often marinated in yogurt. The flavors are pretty standard though and all the choices are rather similar. So, I guess I’m saying, it’s enjoyable once, but would get boring if I went again.

I started with the Salmon Tikka (Nizami Machli Tikka), which was really perfectly cooked, tender and juicy, yes, marinated in yogurt.


Lon had the Grilled Lamb (Masaledar Boti Kabab Masala), also moist and flavorful.
lamb appetizer

I chose the braised lamb (Hyderabadi Korma) for my main course, which again benefited from yogurt.

Braised Lamb

Lon chose the Chicken Tikka (Pudine Ke Tikke), which once again, was marinated in yogurt. It wins the award for most transformed though. It was so moist and flavorful, I almost have to deny it’s chicken.
Chicken in yogurt

The mains courses were all served with a flavorful rice. Naan and a Potato and Peas Tikki was brought for the table. Both were standard but if I’m eating Indian food, Naan is a necessity.

naan potatoes

The lychee flavor was prominent in the ground rice pudding, which was very much like a milky farina. A tad too sweet for me but I still ate most of it.
lychee rice pudding

Lon had the White Chocolate Mousse, which was more like kulfi.

white chocolate mousse

Lunch is $24 for 3 courses, with Naan and a Potato side, in a nice dining space, lined with some tables/booths that feel more private. It could be a good choice for a business lunch, but like most Indian food, you’ll need to schedule a nap afterward.

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