My cousin Brian sent over an e-mail this week mentioning that a friend would be in NYC for the Thanksgiving Day Parade, and asked if we could recommend any good eats.

I have a friend here at school who is going to be spending Thanksgiving in Manhattan, and she asked if I knew any places to get a good Thanksgiving dinner. Understandably the first people I thought to ask were you and Jessica. With all the political mumbo-jumbo being thrown around recently I think its fair say that I consider you two my to be my Secretaries of Comestibles, and you’ve earned it. My friend was didn’t know exactly where they would be, but she said that they were going to the parade.

First of all, I absolutely love our newly assigned titles of Secretaries of Comestibles. Secondly, how fun is it to think of places to eat! It’s basically our hobby. I checked out the parade route and tried to think of a wide variety of places within a few blocks of the route. I didn’t spend much energy on thinking of places that would feature turkey, but rather focused on NYC. And not knowing much about dietary or budgetary restrictions, I assembled a wide variety of selections.

What places would you recommend (along the route)?

Lon suggests:

1. More upscale brunch/lunch, New American cuisine, etc: BLT Market (6th ave & 59th st)

2. Classic NY Deli (will be a mob scene): Carnegie Deli (7th & 55th)

3. NY Thin Crust Pizza: John’s (44th St & 8th Ave)

4. Decently cheap authentic Indian Food (I’ve been to the one on 31st, it’s ugly inside, but delicious): Minar (31st & 5th or 46th & 6th).

5. Super cheap authentic Puerto Rican Buffet (also ugly inside): International Food House (35th St & 7th)

6. Pretty cheap, semi-authentic, very delicious Cuban: Sophie’s (40th & 7th)

7. Korean (famous for their tofu, but also good table bbq): Seoul Garden (32nd & Broadway)

Jessica suggests:

1. Reliable, simple American: Fred’s (83rd & Amsterdam)

2. Burgers and Shakes: Shake Shack (77th and Columbus)

3. Italian with a long menu to satisfy everyone: Cafe Fiorello (Broadway & 63rd)

4. Bakery/Pastry Shop. Try the Nutter Butter: Bouchon Bakery (Time Warner Center)

Note: Try to eat on the Upper West Side. You’re much more likely to fall into an over-priced and terrible tasting tourist trap in midtown.

*FoodMayhem’s advice for holiday eating: no matter where you plan on going, make sure to call ahead to ensure the place will be open on turkey day!

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