Lon’s mom lives right by Maureen’s Kitchen Maureen’s Kitchen, a popular breakfast place, decorated with cows, and long long lines. The day after Thanksgiving is no exception to Lon’s disdain for lines so we got up bright and early and made it to Maureen’s around 8:15am. By the time we left, there was a wait.


Large coffee mugs and large water glasses made a good impression. (I really hate little coffee saucers that get cold in 1 minute.) The service was friendly and pretty quick. The food was hit or miss. Lon ordered banana pancakes and Lon’s mom ordered blueberry pancakes, both adding a side of sausage. The pancakes were the miss, being rather dry, needing lots of syrup to drench. The sausage was a hit, flavorful and lightly crisped without being burnt.
Banana Pancake with Sausage

My pancakes, the Pumpkin Walnut topped with bananas, were really moist (almost cake-like) and nicely spiced. They were perfect for me because they were already sweetened so I didn’t have to use syrup. (I don’t like syrup cause it makes it soggy and sometimes too sweet.)
Pumpkin Walnut pancakes with bananas

Stephen’s pancakes, Whole Wheat Blueberry Pecan, were pretty good too, including the side of bacon.
Blueberry Pecan Whole Wheat pancakes

Kasi’s Croissant Stuffed French Toast was really good. I would’ve expected it to be too sweet but the cream cheese wasn’t sweetened and the bananas were left natural, balancing the chocolate nicely.

Stuffed Croissant french toast

Ultimately, nothing is great enough to wait on a long line for but if you’re an early bird, stick to the specials. The prices are cheaper then Manhattan and the portions are larger.
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