For Carol’s election party, the theme was comfort food. After about 3 days of thought, I decided to make Maple Pecan Sticky Buns (found on Now, these are pretty work intensive (and there’s a huge clean-up) so take a look at this process before you decide to make these.

First, you make a dough, one with quite a bit of ingredients.

make dough

Then you make a syrup, pour it in the pans, and drizzle with chopped nuts.

make syrup

Then, there’s the filling. You need to break out the food processor, which also means cleaning it.

make filling

The dough needs to be rolled out/stretched out and then brushed with butter.

brush dough

The filling is sprinkled on.

sprinkle the filling

The dough needs to be rolled up (which is hard with my tiny hands).

roll the dough

Score the dough to help even sizing.

score dough

Naturally, next you’d cut through.

cut buns

Place buns in the syrup laden pans (6 in each 13×9 pan, makes 12).

buns sit in syrup

Press down lightly on the buns, cover and rest (there is a 50 min option and a over-night option).

pressed buns 3

If you refrigerate over night, they have to sit out before baking. They bake up nicely and must be turned out immediately.

Maple Pecan Sticky Buns 2

Now, if you’re up to it, click here for the full recipe. Everyone at the party sure did love them!

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