When lobster is $3.88 per pound, you buy it; especially in New York City. So I wasn’t surprised when Jessica and her mom came home with three 1.2 lb lobsters. We were all pleased with how fresh and flavorful they were. As we tore the shells off, we were careful to collect all the of the pieces for stock. Where others may see a garbage pile of shells, we see luxurious stock waiting to happen.

Lobster Shells

I love making stocks. No careful chopping or measuring — just throw everything in a pot with water and come back every hour or so to say “hi.” Here’s a quick and dirty “recipe” (I didn’t measure anything) for lobster stock. Over the next few days you’ll likely see a few lobster stock related recipes on FoodMayhem 🙂

Lobster Stock General Instructions

  1. Pile every non-edible part of the lobster into a stock pot (shells, legs, cartilage, fat, etc.); along with whole peppercorns, roughly chopped yellow onion, lemon, carrots, and garlic. Fill with cold water to cover everything, plus a bit extra.
  2. Bring to a boil, reduce to a decent simmer and leave for 2-3 hours (stir once an hour).
  3. Let cool for 30 minutes, then remove all large pieces (I use a spider). Then strain through cheese cloth at least twice, I change the cheesecloth between straining. Refrigerate.
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