Rachel and Brandon met us for dinner at La Sirene La Sirene on Sunday night. The little BYOB Bistro didn’t look all that appealing and the bench seats against the wall were uncomfortable. The menu did appeal to me, seeing some classics with some less common dishes mixed in, but they were out of the Hanger Steak and the Cassoulet, two of their most popular items.

I started with the Moules Rochelaises, steamed mussels with curry, apples, and light cream. The mussels were fresh and the sauce tastes just as described, wonderful for dipping bread in.

Mussels in Curry Broth

Lon wasn’t too happy with the French Onion Soup. The cheese was good but there was too much bread and the onion flavor hadn’t really developed.

French Onion Soup

I was excited to have the Cuisses de Grenouilles, Frogs Legs, because it’s been a really long time since I’ve had them. The simple preparation in roasted garlic, parsley, olive oil, butter and bread crumbs, felt wonderfully French. Each little leg displayed the tender bounce of thigh meat, and I’m convinced, I must have these little creatures more often.

Frogs Legs

Lon’s Lapin Doucement Braise, Slow Braised Rabbit, was a hearty and comforting dish. Meat came off the bone nicely and the flavors reminded me a little of Cacciatore.
Rabbit Stew

Entrees were served with vegetables: carrot puree, sauteed zucchini, roasted squash, sweet potato. All were pretty standard.

For dessert, we shared two plates. The Choux Chantilly was fresh and very light.
Choux with Chantilly Cream

The Big Profiteroles au Bittersweet Chocolate was very good. Vanilla ice cream sandwiched in choux pastry, drenched in Callebaut chocolate. It hit the spot for me, rich and decadent, without being too sweet.


The food was quite enjoyable, Bistro food through and through, but well above bistro prices. The atmosphere just doesn’t warrant prices around $53 per person (including tax and tip) and I couldn’t help but feel jipped. (I overheard another women complaining to her husband as well.) I won’t be going back until La Sirene brings down their prices or redecorates.
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