I grew up in Forest Hills and my mom had a boutique clothing store on the border of Forest Hills and Rego Park. Across Queens Boulevard was a shop called Knish Nosh, which had wonderful knishes. (Every Jewish person I have ever met knows about this place.) As a kid, I ate these knishes, my favorites being plain or broccoli, quite often.

In the city, there are several delis and bagel stores that carry knishes from the Knish Nosh, but looking on their website, I now see a few more locations. Their newest one (and most convenient location for me) is not even listed on their own website yet. It’s right in Central Park, by Sailboat Pond. I was happy to spot this childhood favorite while Lon rented a sailboat and fulfilled one of his own childhood joys. Unfortunately, service is absurdly slow (even by Midwest standards) and prices are quite high (almost double their Queens prices), but good food in Central Park on a lovely Saturday afternoon is probably worth it.

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