Lon’s friend Deborah told us, correction, raved to us, about Di Palo’s Fine Foods Di Palo’s Fine Foods, an Italian specialty store. I had totally forgotten about it for months but when I walked by today, I was ecstatic at the opportunity. As soon as I walked in, I wanted everything. They have pastas, sauces, dried and cured meats, breads, and cheeses galore. I had just stocked up in Chinatown so I had to exercise restraint and not buy too much. So, this post, you’re only going to hear about the fresh mozzarella (and soon about the pork sausages I bought).

tomato mozzarella

The mozzarella, which was still warm to the touch when I bought it, has got the most outstanding texture. It’s so tender and even throughout, noticeably more gentle then the average. The flavor is milky, and the price ($6.79/lb) is right. If the ones they have out are too big for you, I saw people ask for smaller balls, which they seem to keep a secret stash of.
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