My friend Angie recommended Degustation Degustation a while ago and we finally got around to going. It’s set up as a bar around the open kitchen, which is very cool, but not ideal for 4 people. It was a little harder to talk to our friends, Martin and Melissa, so I would recommend going in pairs. (Take a date if you want to impress.) I do strongly recommend going, so with just 16 seats, you’ll need reservations.

We did the 10-course tasting, which gives you a few of the dishes from their a la carte menu and a few unlisted items. The portions are quite large for a 1o-course tasting, using fresh and unique ingredients, well executed, well rounded, and all around fabulous. Lon and I shared a glass of Txakoli Txomin Etxaniz and it’s now my favorite wine.

Amuse: Oxtail Croquette and Potato Tortilla with Quail & Shallot Confit

The oxtail was tender on the inside and crisp on the outside; and the tortilla oddly reminded me of a potsticker.

Oxtail Croquette and Tortilla

Course 1: Hamachi Sashimi

The hamachi was very fresh and the plate is beautiful. The different textures (from crisp chips, rings of chile, firm fish, and perfect sauce) and various colors look like potpourri.

Himachi Sashimi

Course 2: Sardine Trio

On the right, a piece of nicely grilled sardine with lamb bacon, that tasted good but we found the micro-bones a tad annoying to eat.

grilled Sardine

In the middle, a sardine sandwich, deep fried. It’s light and crispy and the red onion relish is key. This seemed to be the favorite amongst the three preparations, for all four of us.

Sardine sandwich

On the left, the pickled sardine was like the Jewish pickled herring, which means, I loved it.

pickled Sardine

Course 3: Fried Baby Sepia with Squid Ink Oatmeal and Risotto

Think, very tender calamari (except sepia is cuttlefish), sitting in creamy garlicky aioli, and soothing risotto. This is decadent comfort food.

Sepia in squid ink oatmeal and risotto

Course 4: Dorade with Fried Artichoke, Grapefruit Foam, and Parsley Oil

The Dorade was cooked perfectly, but the flavors weren’t as exciting here. The grapefruit in the foam was only noticeable if you ate it alone and the fried artichoke was great, but didn’t add much to the combination. There were a few grape halves that added some acid but I really wanted more tang.

Dorade with artichoke and grapefruit foam

Course 5: Octopus & Pork Belly

Perfectly tender octopus, with crispy skinned pork belly. I liked the concept of citrus fruits and basil oil, but again, I wish the fruits were a little stronger.

Octopus and Pork Belly

Course 6: Rabbit Soup with Heirloom Carrots and Radishes

I’m not a fan of radish but the soup was very flavorful yet light. It was a nice break from the fatty courses. This seemed like a wonderful take on a fall soup, especially with the earthy mushroom slices and hearty rabbit in a light broth.

Rabbit Soup

Course 7: Soft Scrambled Duck Egg

Wow, how impressive… This is so rich and decadent that it makes sense to have in a very small portion. The little bits of duck bacon and chives make it dreamy.

soft scrambled eggs

Course 8: Grilled Sweetbreads with Fresno Pepper and White Bean Puree

Lon’s favorite: this dish was probably the most flavorful and we all loved the kick. My piece was a tad too salty, but the sweetbreads were perfectly cooked. The fresno peppers used to make the puree also appeared as slices in several other dishes — it was a nice way to bring the menu together.

grilled shortbreads

Course 9: Wagyu Beef Cheesesteak

This was one of my favorites (I couldn’t pick one.) but anytime Wagyu Beef is around, it’s likely to be my favorite. It’s just so juicy and beefy and rare, with the roasted red peppers, a touch of cheese sauce, and some rye crisps, it just brings a smile to my face. The red onion relish was a sweet addition to the dish. This one is a available a la carte, so even if you don’t try the tasting menu, be sure to order it!

Wagyu Philly Cheesesteak

Palate Cleanser: Ginger and Tequilla Sorbet with Hibiscus Poached Pear

Is it wrong for one of my favorites to be the palate cleanser? This was freakin’ good. The very strong ginger really cuts the alcohol and sugar.

ginger tequilla sorbet with pear

Course 10: Brioche French Toast

The brioche is soaked in cream and then caramelized, leaving the inside super soft and creamy, while the outside is crisp but delicate. This is another of my favorites.

Brioche French Toast

For $75 per person, we think this 10-course tasting is an absolute steal. Not only is the food tasty and adventurous, the service is impeccable. They change silverware for each course and timing is on point. One women serves as waitress, expeditor, and wine steward. Her multi-tasking skills are well refined and she doesn’t break a sweat, ensuring a comfortable evening for her guests. She even stopped by for a few laughs with us. We applaud her and the chefs.

Bravo Degustation!

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