If you like Japanese Curry, that’s what Curry-Ya Curry-Ya serves, and not much else. There is a pretty long list of options though: pork, chicken, veggie, hamburger, etc. and you get to choose the level of spiciness. I chose the Seafood Curry (hot), which comes with a large shrimp, 2 scallops, 2 pieces of calamari, a few string beans, and a strip of red pepper. All of it is cooked perfectly. (I’m quite impressed.)

seafood curry

I like the set-up too. You sit at a bar with just 14 seats, where you get a clear view of your food being made. You get a little pot of your curry with a ladle, so you can drench your rice as you like. The rice was a bit too sticky though, almost gummy, but that can easily be rectified (so I hope they do).
set up

I didn’t care for the pickled radish and shallots (supplied with each order of curry).
pickled radish and shallot

For an additional $6, you can add the appetizer and a drink or dessert to your curry. While that’s pretty cheap, I don’t recommend it. The shrimp on the left were rubbery. The sweet potato torte on the right was cold. The seaweed salad was decent but over-sauced.

The Lychee Lassi was pretty good, thick and rich, but not necessary, so just stick to the curry. You can also just order the Lassi for $4 separately.

lychee lassi

I’m a little torn because while the curry was comforting, perfect for a cold winter night, Japanese Curry is so simple, I can’t really justify paying restaurant prices ($13) for the modest portion. I would feel a lot better if they threw in a few more pieces of seafood. (Hint to Bon Yagi, co-owner of Curry-Ya and many other restaurants.)
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