We’ve talked about Cafe Brama before, a place where I have enjoyed smoothies, dessert crepes, and cappuccinos. This was our first visit for a meal and I really really wanted to love it, but I left severely disappointed. We were with our friends, Steve and Yael, and now I’m embarrassed that we recommended this place. The experience had totally changed. The service was so confused. I think Yael had to ask for milk three times as her coffee sat their cooling.

At first, I was happy that each brunch order came with a choice of juice and a coffee/tea or capuccino (+$1). I know they use Looza for their juice, which we love, but Yael and I both ordered mango which tasted like some soap got dropped in it. We asked for a replacement but it still had the same problem. As for the capuccino, formerly my favorite, it was brought out luke warm and I ended up leaving more than half of it.

The staff, although nice, seemed rushed and unable to handle the almost full restaurant. Apparently the kitchen was so rushed, they didn’t cut the rinds off the cheese in Lon’s Country Ham Sandwich. Lon also had to ask about the home fries, listed as part of his plate on the menu. The waitress had to check the menu and then go get him the home fries.

Ham and Cheese

My French Toast gets points for being covered in fruit. Yael read my mind when she commented that “with fresh fruit” usually results in 3 berries. This was a lovely fruit avalanche. The problem is that the French Toast that was supposed to be Challah French Toast, was really just sliced white bread that tasted like something any house-wife threw together quickly. It was overly eggy, kind of soggy, and served room temperature.
French Toast

I’m not sure what’s going on. It could be an off day. It could be penny pinching with the slowing economy. I don’t know, but I am reluctant to go to Cafe Brama anymore. On the other hand, it’s pretty inexpensive at around $15 per person (including tax and tip) so I’ll think about it.
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