After a lovely Sunday afternoon stroll through Central Park, my friends and I relaxed with a bottle of wine and a selection of cheeses at Wine and Roses Wine and Roses. We snagged some outdoors seating where we could sit with Angie’s dog, Casper, and my pooch, Ice. The weather was perfect for a girls day out.

While my girl friends are wine lovers, I really wanted a hot cup of coffee. Alas, they didn’t offer that and cappuccinos were $7. Geez! We asked the waiter to suggest a Suavignon Blanc and he recommended a favorite of is for $65. We asked for one in the $40 range and he didn’t seem to have any other ideas, just flipped through the menu and found one at that price. We agreed and ordered a three cheese plate, choosing English Blackstick Blue, Morbier, and Castel Rosso. (The first two are in my list of favorites.) It came with a nice array of fruit and 3 slices of bread, decently laid out, but with inadequate utensils to eat with.

Cheese Plate

When our waiter arrived with our bottle (from New Zealand, I forgot to write down the name), he didn’t bother to have anyone taste it. He just proceeded to pour the four glasses and then left. Either the wait staff isn’t trained properly there or he was just insulting us for not wanting to pay $65 for the bottle he suggested. I was even more insulted by the glass I was given. It looks so overly worn and scratched and this is not a cheap place.
old glass

Considering the current economy, keep your money for better uses.
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