On Thursday night, Angie brought over two flavors of Vosges Chocolates: everyone favored the Barcelona with hickory smoked almonds and grey sea salt, in a deep milk chocolate. The almonds were chopped up, adding a little crunch, and the salt is the perfect contrast to the mild sweetness. While the curry in the Naga Bar was extremely light, it was more interesting than desirable.

Barcelona and Naga Bar

Our interest had been peaked so the next night, Angie brought over some more so we could have a full out tasting (along with some Mighty Leaf Teas). Mo’s Bacon Bar, like the Naga Bar, was more interesting than desirable. You could taste the bacon but it didn’t add to the chocolate for us. The Oaxaca Bar, with guajillo and pasilla chillies, in a Tanzanian Bittersweet Chocolate, had a little bit of heat but the chocolate itself was a little acidic. The Gianduja Bar was pretty standard, tasting like a Ferrero Rocher. The ginger was stronger than the wasabi and black sesame in the Black Pearl Bar, and the overall taste wasn’t a great combination. The Red Fire Bar is really more cinnamon than Mecican ancho and chipotle chillies.
Vosges Chocolates and Mighty Leaf Teas

In general, the Vosges chocolates are very smooth and the flavorings are very light. It’s a good start for people who want to try more adventurous chocolates. Our favorite is the Barcelona Bar.
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