Yesterday I was going to try Sakae Sushi with Jamie. He is a sushi-fan and both of us were excited to give Sakae a try. It seems like an interesting place as patrons order on computer and receive food by conveyor belt. Unfortunately, standing there in the cold, pouring rain, I read that they were closed for kitchen renovations. Fortunately, our favorite sushi place is just down the block. So off to Sushi Yasuda Jamie and I went.

Unfortunately, Chef Tomura was busy serving four other patrons, so we sat one seat over with his neighboring chef, who is always very nice as well (I don’t know his name). We shmoozed as we ate through various nigiri and make sushi. During that first round I got to try Cobia; which is not a rare fish, but not often seen in the NYC sushi scene. I didn’t have the camera with me, but I can tell you it is a white fish with a tender, bouncy meat. I really enjoyed it.

We were feeling pretty full (by lunch standardS); but, this being Jamie’s first time and having told me he loves eel, he tried the White Sea Eel (sawani), which is my favorite piece. He loved it. I also tried another piece of Botan Shrimp, which was so delicious.

I was happy to see that Chef Tomura is back from Japan; Jessica and I will see him again soon.

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