Lon had a day off yesterday so we decided to make the trek out to Brooklyn to try Saul Restaurant Saul Restaurant. Chef and Owner, Saul Bolton has worked at places like Bouley and Le Bernardin, so expectations were set high. The space is simple and modest, almost boring, but the food does shine.

An amuse of celery root soup with curried apples was the perfect way to start our evening. The soup was rich and creamy, yet so smooth and felt almost aerated or fluffy in some way. The lightly curried apples added just a little sweetness and we both wanted to lick the bowl.

celery root and curried apples

The Duck Confit over buttery Ansen Mills grits is as it should be, meat falls of the bone, nicely seasoned. The okra pickles on top are a real treat. More please.
duck confit

The Berkshire Pork and Octopus had a good flavor, Thai inspired, with nicely cooked octopus, but the pork was just chunks of fat, no meat (see lower right hand corner). I also liked the crunch and flavor of almonds in this dish, but the butternut squash did not add anything but color.
Berkshire pork and octopus

For the first time ever (as far as I can remember), the main courses blew away the appetizers. The Squab dish, our waitress’ favorite, is also our favorite. Every component of this dish is perfect, from the rich flavor and bounce opitimizing game bird, to the fresh tagliatelle, to the killer, orange scented beet sauce. When you take a bite of each piece together, it is orgasmic. Drop whatever you are doing and make a reservation for Saul tonight and have this dish. I insist!

Squab with tagliatelle and beets

The Prosciutto Wrapped Rabbit Tenderloin was beautiful. An artistic, gourmet interpretation of German Curry Wursts (to me, I have no idea if that’s what the chef was thinking). I don’t want to downplay the rabbit but something about the texture and shape made it hot dog-like and with the well thought out flavors… grainy mustard mashed potatoes, cumin scented carrot coulis, a rillet stuffed cabbage, a sour onion, and a sprinkling of fava beans. Is that a German platter or what?
Prosciutto Wrapped Rabbit Tenderloin

The service was excellent for most of our meal, when the restaurant was practically empty, but when the place filled up, they seemed under-staffed. It took a reall long time for our entree plates to be cleared and to get the check/give payment. For $118 (including tax and tip), it’s a little pricey for the atmosphere but the food more than makes up for that. Lon and I will be back. I have to have the Squab dish again.
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