We went to Posto Posto last night and I have to complain about how tight the squeeze is. We sat in a booth and it’s really not enough space for 4 people. Being winter, the coats make it worse. There’s just nowhere to put your stuff. Then when you get food, there isn’t enough room on the table for each persons plate, and the experience winds up being general discomfort.

For a pizza place, they do a pretty nice job with salads, fresh and nicely plated. The Mediterranean Salad has a lot of color and the dressing it light.

Mediterranean Salad

We were really impressed that the Caesar Salad dressing was actually made with anchovy and that the amount of dressing was appropriate. I don’t think I’ve eaten Caesar Salad in years because I’m so afraid of the standard globs of dressing.

Ceasar Salad

For pizza, Posto wasn’t kidding about the thin crust. It’s pretty close to a cracker, which achieves crispiness, but then lacks the chewiness of a well developed dough. The sauce and cheese on the Classico is fresh and tasty, and pretty light.


We also got another pie, half Shroomtown, half Meatball Classic. Lon liked the meatballs, I didn’t (too much thyme), but we both agree that it was very skimpy on the cheese, which made it not really pizza for me. The Shroom half, covered in portobellos, shitake, white button, and truffle oil, was wonderful, hearty and well seasoned. Generally, the ingredients were very good but the crusts are what hold the pizzas back from being great.

half mushroom half meatball

We ended with a Warm Brownie a la Mode, which was ordinary but nicely plated. You can have it with espresso but no coffee or capuccino. Weird huh?
brownie a la mode

With tax and tip, the meal came out to about $88 (for 4 people), which is alright, but I don’t think I’ll be going back.
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