For Xiu’s birthday, we gathered in Flushing for some Dim Sum at Ocean Jewel Ocean Jewel. The dishes here were a little hit or miss for me, my main complaint being that some dishes were served at room temperature or cooler.

fried cruller in rice noodle crystal dumplings

We were a party of 12 so we got pics of some, missed others, and I didn’t eat every dish. I can only point out a few of my favorites and a few of my not-so-favorites. I loved the Roast Pork Pastries (triangular). These were served warm, flaky, and plumply stuffed with sweet and savory meat. I wasn’t impressed with their shrimp or beef wrapped in rice noodles, mainly because the noodles didn’t have that bounce these are known for. Surprisingly, a dish of rice noodle chunks with pork ribs on top did have that lovely bounce, playful and flavorful.

pork ribs and rice noodle

The Baby Chinese Broccoli was fresh and tender, while the meatballs seemed old, deflated, and dry.

Baby Chinese Broccoli meat balls

I didn’t bother trying the Fried White Buns (meant to be dipped in condensed milk) because they were cold. Deep Fried Stuff just has to be piping hot. Despite all this, they were nice enough to give us disposable plates and forks for Xiu’s birthday cake.

We had more than described here (chicken feet, egg tarts, taro cake, roast pork buns baked and fried, shu mai, more I can’t remember) but we left without being completely full and headed across the street to Flushing Mall for a few more bites. I shared Taiwanese Oyster Noodle Soup and Taiwanese Pork and Fish Paste with Bean Thread Noodle Soup with a few friends and filled up nicely.

Oyster Noodle Soup Pork and fish paste noodle soup
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