Making my way throught the ramen joints…I tried Menchanko-Tei Menchanko-Tei this Saturday. I ordered the Menchanko, figuring their name sake should be good. What’s interesting is that this one uses their thick ramen as opposed the the traditional thin ramen, which they also serve. Ultimately, I wasn’t that impressed by the noodles or the broth, but I liked the mix of toppings: shrimp, tofu (soft and fried), salmon ball, a cube of mochi-like stuff, cabbage, and scallions. For $8.95, it’s worth it.

Menchanko Ramen

It could have been an honest mistake but my friend Kevin ordered a lunch special which inlcluded a bowl of Shoyu Ramen (which he liked) and some rice dish. The rice dish never came but he was charged for it. We didn’t realize it till we left, but then I was really annoyed. That could prevent me from going again.
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