16 Tasti-D-Lite locations have morphed into The Lite Choice (TLC). They claim to be organic, kosher, low-calorie, and still have those frequent flyer cards. There’s one on the ground floor of our apartment building and when it was Tasti-D, I hadn’t gone in years. (I avoid highly processed foods with too many chemicals and some flavors have a bad after-taste.)

TLC ice cream

So, no corn syrup and other artificial stuff, seams like a step up. The big question: how does it taste? I tried a few flavors and Peanut Butter and “Original” (vanilla) are very weak. The flavor is barely there. Dark Chocolate Truffle is decent and Caramel is good although it tastes more like a Butter Pecan. So far I’m liking TLC more than Tasti-D but I probably won’t be buying this one much either. I still prefer the rich and heavily caloric stuff.

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