While shopping at Virtu, Julie (the owner) recommended we squeeze in one more food stop, just a few blocks down, at Hot Chocolate Hot Chocolate. Of course, we took advantage, even though we just ate that big meal at Toast Two. We couldn’t find parking so we got Warm Doughnuts and a Mexican Hot Chocolate to go. The doughnuts were warm, and we thought the holes were cute, but they were a bit too doughy and the flavor was a tad too yeasty.

warm doughnuts

At first I was complaining about how the Mexican Hot Chocolate was $6 but I was immediately satisfied after my first sip. Obviously made with a generous amount of very good chocolate, smoothly coating your mouth. The two house-made marshmallows melted into perfect pools of creamy vanilla, contrasting the spiced rich chocolate. It was shear heaven and lots of it. It’s enough for 3 people.
Mexi hot chocolate

If you’re in Chicago, this Mexican Hot Chocolate will keep you cozy all winter.
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