Marshmallows are one of those things that I didn’t think I liked. All I had ever tried (prior to working in a restaurant) was that commercial crap that comes in bags. I thought they were just sugary and very artificial tasting stuff. One day, I tried a home-made marshmallow and wow, it was actually quite good.

Recently, we had an incredible Mexican hot chocolate when we were in Chicago, with a killer marshmallow. That reminded me, I wanted to try making these things. It always seemed daunting because it’s so sticky. I was sure it would be quite difficult but I was ready to try. I got a well-rated recipe on an I’m no longer scared of making these and will probably do it again.

You basically bloom some gelatin, boil up the sugar and corn syrup, and pour the hot mixture into the gelatin while whipping.

making marshmallows

Then you have to whip till “very thick and stiff, about 15 minutes”. My one complaint is that for me, it took about half that amount of time and it was already so stiff, I could barely pour it.
pouring 2

After pouring it, the instructions say to “smooth top” but that seems impossible. See how it’s not so flat?

poured and not so flat

Never the less, it comes out great….dusted with potato starch and powdered sugar, then cut as you like.
dusting marshmallows cutting

Ooh, spongey, very vanilla-y, yum….
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