Flushing is the place to go for dim sum, but we were in Chinatown on Saturday, so we gave Golden Unicorn Golden Unicorn a try. Lon and I got our own little table (two tops are rare at dim sum), and there was no wait at prime time (a sign of the economy). We started with Shrimp wrapped in Rice Noodles; the shrimp were over-cooked.

shrimp in rice noodle

The Steamed Roast Pork buns were a tad too sweet, but the dough was soft and fluffy, and certainly fresh.

roast pork buns

We also got the Roast Pork Pastry, which is pretty much irresistible anywhere. Buttery layers of pastry, filled with sweet meat, yum…
roast pork pastry

The Spinach and Shrimp Dumpling tasted like fresh spinach and mediocre shrimp. The shrimp in the sticky rice had a nice texture but it didn’t taste like much, and the rice was hard (under-cooked).
spinach and shrimp dumpling shrimp with sticky rice

Our favorite was the Clams in Black Bean Sauce, plump and juicy little clams, a balanced sauce, on an overflowing plate.
clams with black bean sauce

The veggies ( I don’t know the English name for these) must have been blanched first and then sauteed, resulting in over-cooked and oily veggies.

We ended with Fish Balls, which we almost forgot to take a pic of. They were a bit denser than normal and more flavorful.
fish ball

If you go at prime time, most of the dishes are hot and fresh, but execution falls below Flushing standards. But if you’re not willing to make the trek to Queens, Golden Unicorn is ok. You’ll pay more for it too though, about $20 per person.
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