My parents came into the city last night to pick up some stuff, so we decided to try Giorgio’s of Gramercy Giorgio’s of Gramercy. It was surprisingly empty, even for a Sunday evening. The bread and olive oil aren’t worth eating, but luckily, I wasn’t at all hungry (after the late mega brunch at Compass). They also offer a complimentary plate of cucumbers topped with pastrami cured salmon and chopped apples. Both the look and taste of it seemed like an attempt on fancy and elegant, which it did not quite accomplish, but was tasty anyway.

pastrami cured salmon

Our waitress told us they were known for the Roasted Oysters so we tried them and they were certainly the best item of the night. Shallots are just a wonderful match to the fragrance of the sea, and although these were perfectly cooked, I still prefer raw, because it’s meatier that way.

roasted oysters

Lon also ordered a half plate of Bucatini with Smoked Trout and Butternut Squash as an appetizer. ( I love places that let you order half servings of pasta.) This was one of those decadent dishes that tastes so good for two bites and then it’s too much for me. The smoked trout was wonderful though, and the butternut squash unnecessary.

Bucatini with smoked trout

I really wanted a light pasta, like a tomato based sauce, but oddly there was nothing on the menu that wasn’t creamy or a cheese sauce. I ended up selecting the bolognese, but even their bolognese is a creamy bolognese, covered in cheese. On the menu, it’s with penne, but when I found out that the linguine was fresh pasta, I had to have that. Although heavy and way over-sauced (which is preferable to some people), it was quite comforting.
Creamy Bolognese

Lon’s Berkshire Pork Chop was rather boring, just pan fried with salt and pepper. It sat on a massive amount of sweet potato mash that was overly sweetened by maple syrup (sweet even by Lon’s standards).
Berkshire Pork Chop

My mom ordered the Linguine with Shrimp and Lobster in a vodka sauce (again creamy). The flavor was wonderful, the pasta al dente, but the shrimp were a tad over-cooked.
Shrimp and Lobster Linguine

My dad ordered a special, Hanger Steak with White Beans and Broccoli Rabe. I didn’t try it because he ordered it medium, and I can’t eat steak like that. Plus I had just eaten Steak and Eggs a few hours ago.

Hanger Steak

Large portions, but otherwise, we weren’t too happy with dinner. Mainly, the atmosphere is dark and very red. It feels like a steak house in an old movie, where men are smoking cigars (no one was actually smoking inside) and bookies hang around.
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