Lately, Domino’s has been advertising like crazy about their Oven Baked Sandwiches. I’m a total sucker for food advertising, so I’ve been dying to try one. Tim suggested using’s Domino’s Page, to get some coupons, which we did, and we ordered all four of the types of sandwiches: Chicken Bacon Ranch, Philly Cheese Steak, Italian, and Chicken Parm.

We followed our order status closely using the really nifty Domino’s Pizza Tracker. Our “Delivery Expert”, Celio, was incredibly impressed that we knew his name when he showed up. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to directly pay our compliments to Pablo, who prepared our order.

Domino's Pizza Tracker

Tim snapped a few pics of the sandwiches before we gobbled them up. If you want to see his full set check them out on Flickr.

Dominos Oven Baked Sandwiches

I was surprised at the size of the sandwich, they look a bit smaller than expected. But actually, they are a good size for $4.99 (or less with coupon). They come pre-cut (on a steep angle), so we cut the halves in half, and all four of us got a quarter of each sandwich. Our initial impressions were that they are not particularly attractive sandwiches, and they are unbelievably greasy. Later I found out that they are soaked in a “butter flavored oil”.

Italian Dominos Sandwich

After eating, I asked Melinda, Gabe, and Tim to rank the sandwiches from best to worst, and we came up with the following rating (lower numbers are better):

Sandwiches Individual
Chicken Parm 4 2 1 4 11
Chicken Bacon Ranch 3 4 3 2 12
Philly Cheese Steak 1 3 2 3 9
Italian 2 1 4 1 8

In my opinion, the table very accurately reflects the reality of the sandwiches. The Italian and Philly are both about the same and both are substantially more enjoyable than the two chicken sandwiches. The chicken meat itself is part of the problem; it literally tastes like shoe rubber. I’m not going to describe those two except to say: don’t order them.

The Philly Cheese Steak has steak, provolone cheese, onions, mushrooms. As long as you don’t go in expecting a real philly cheese steak, as you could get in Philadelphia, you may enjoy the sandwich. The provolone is milky and the onions are sweet.

The Italian has pepperoni, salami, ham, banana peppers, along with peppers, onions, and provolone cheese. It is quite salty and the meats are oily, but it tastes similar to what one would expect an Italian sandwich to taste like.

In the end, the sandwichs are ok for the price. But if you compare them to the market (Subway and Quizno’s), I’ve got to recommend you stick with Subway and Quizno’s. Except that Domino’s delivers to you, everything else is worse. The bread is worse, the quality of ingredients is worse, and all four of us were queasy for the rest of the afternoon. You probably never hear about the other side of food during reviews, but let me advise you: this food will make you gasy! I’ve never felt sick after eating Subway; and while I’m not a big fan of Quizno’s, I’ve never been sick after them as well.

As another aside, while writing this I looked up the nutrition info about the sandwiches. Almost 900 calories, 106% daily sodium 110% saturated fat; that is disgusting. I feel worse now.

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