Last night, I had dinner with my friend Bianca, who always picks great places to eat. Dell’anima is another to add to that list. I always love open kitchens and I was particularly impressed that the waitress offered Bianca a taste of two different wines before selecting which one she wanted.

The Lily Confit Bruschetta is a mix of garlic, onions, and shallots, slow cooked in olive oil. It’s pretty light and didn’t impress me that much, but I did like that the slices of bread were thick and toasted.

Lily Confit

Charred Octopus, rice beans, and chorizo is a pretty standard flavor combination but this dish really shined. The octopus was charred perfectly just on the suction cups (is there a more elegant name for these?), and the beans were firm, yet cooked through. The chorizo didn’t impart as much flavor as expected but I really can’t complain as it was still very enjoyable.
Charred Octopus

What really won me over was their pasta. First of all, I love fresh pasta. Love it! Love it! Only fresh pasta has that bounce. Secondly, they had cool shapes. Have you ever had Garganelli? At a quick glance, it looks like Penne, but it’s not. It’s a a diamond shaped pasta, rolled up. This one was all dressed up with mushrooms, lemon, parsley, and cheese.
Pizzoccheri with mushrooms

The other pasta was Pizzoccheri, a type of Tagliatelle, made with buckwheat. This pasta included a generous amount of juicy Berkshire Pork and some cubes of potato (unnecessary). Like the other pasta, it looked like a small plate, and tasted pretty light, but was quite filling. I think they are a bit richer than they seem.

Garganelli with Berkshire Pork

At first, the pastas looked small, but before finishing, we were both full, so I think their prices are reasonable. This dinner for two, with a glass of wine, at $74.78 is pretty standard around Manhattan. If I was a normal person, I’d go back again, but I may not, only because I’m always on the hunt for new places to try. Make reservations. It’s a small place and packed to the brim.
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