Compass Compass serves a lavish and filling brunch. It’s set up as a pre-fix where each person chooses their entree and several starters and desserts are served for the table. First, a basket of cornbread, chocolate chip crumb muffins, and a cinnamon bun arrives. The cornbread had too much baking powder or soda which leaves that lingering chemical taste in your mouth. The muffins were not special, but the cinnamon bun was adored by all, soft and not-too-sweet dough, very sweet frosting on top. It was simple but good.

cornbread, chocolate chip muffin, mini cinnabon

Next, a plentiful bowl of rich Greek yogurt, with granola, grapes, and pineapple. It’s not the standard fruit, but it works, and probably any fruit would be great with this amazingly thick yogurt that could coat anything.
Greek Yogurt with granola and fruit

Still on the starters, we get an assorted plate of goodies: tasty pork sausages, wonderfully fresh smoked trout and smoked salmon, mushroom tartlets that were too pungent with under-baked shells, nice herbed cream cheese, and toasts that looked formerly grilled but were now cold. By now I’m already full, and entrees are about to come.
mushroom tartlet, smoked fish, pork sausage

Lon ordered the Archtic Char with deep fried cauliflower, roasted red beets, and black truffle vinaigrette. He asked for rare and got medium.
Archtic Char

Carol ordered the Eggs Benedict, which were a little past the oozing stage, but came with flavorful potatoes.

Eggs Benedict

I ordered the Steak and Eggs. The Filet Mignon was perfectly medium-rare as requested and the jus was heavenly. You can’t see underneath the meat, but there was a bit of sauteed spinach, and under that, an oily but flavorful mix of roasted peppers and waxy potatoes with skin on. Although the flavors were very enjoyable, it was too heavy for brunch. Even the sunny side up eggs had oil drizzled over them.

Steak and Eggs

The dessert was a four piece tasting. I didn’t eat the mini biscotti. The Oatmeal Financier was chewy and tasted only of brown sugar. I liked the light Cheesecake puff, nicely balanced with pineapple and vanilla bean. Everyone loved the Coffee Brownie Sundae in a shot glass, topped with these tiny chocolate wafer balls.

pineapple cheesecake, brownie and ice cream, oatmeal biscuit

The meal is full of hit and misses, but it’s such an enourmous amount of food that you’re better off not eating everything. At $28 per person, we think the price is pretty good. It’s a nice place with good service, that takes reservations for brunch. The one thing to be aware of is that they charge for coffee by the cup (a very small cup). I didn’t know and assumed refills were included. I got one refill to that tiny cup and my two cups cost $7. That part, I think is a mega rip off.
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