I’m scared for all the restaurants these days. With the current economy, I think we’ll be seeing a lot of great places close. On Friday afternoon, we called BLT Fish BLT Fish to get a reservation for that evening and it was no problem. I don’t think that would have been the case 6 months ago.

The weather has been incredibly warm for October so I was suddenly craving the raw bar sampler platter at BLT Fish and Lon was totally in. They have fantastic oysters, clams, Whelks, and more. The experience was very similar to last time (complimentary smoked tuna and the incredible Cheddar and Chive Biscuits) except that we now know how filling that $75 raw sampler platter is. We also know that we like the raw stuff, appetizers, and sides better than the main courses. We chose the Rock Shrimp Risotto and the Herbed Gnocchi Beurre Blanc. (I’m so sorry that we forgot to bring the camera; we have that brain lapse occasionally.) The abundant amount of rock shrimp were so perfectly cooked, yet the dish was piping hot (would totally impress my dad). The mussel jus was so flavorful, perfectly seasoned, and it was unique. Bravo! Now, their gnocchi is always wonderful. Over a year ago, we had a different preparation, with tomato sauce and parmesan. They now make it with a Beurre Blanc sauce, a perfectly smooth one, and it’s still the best textured gnocchi in town. It did come out with cool centers but we sent it back and they happily brought us nice hot ones and more of them. I really don’t like to say “best” anything and I don’t do it often, but I have to insist that they have the best gnocchi (odd since they’re a fish place)!

With that, you will be full, and we tried not to have dessert (which we have too much), but we happened to bump into our sweet neighbor (the wine guy), who was visiting the restaurant (a client of his) and he sent us desserts. We got a Banana Cake with Chai Ice Cream which was not impressive, but the Creme Caramel was one of the best ever, extra rich and creamy, highlighting the flavor of burnt sugar, and little bits of grapefruit that really added a nice touch.

Hope everyone’s having a great Columbus Day Weekend and I hope your favorite restaurants don’t close.

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