My sweet neighbor works in the wine business. I know what you’re thinking: What a waste…Lon and I aren’t really drinkers. Well, my neighbor gave us a bottle of Beckmen Vineyards Grenache Rose so we invited some of my friends (who do love wine) over to enjoy. This bottle was so interesting because it’s a bright red, still clear, but much darker then the standard rose. I was totally intrigued. My take is that it tastes like a white and a red, as if you poured a little bit of each into the cup. (That is not how it is made.) If you want a wine-lovers description, I found one on Mike the Wine Guy’s blog. In any case, it was good.

apples and wine

We had the perfect evening. The weather was perfect for probably the last chance to entertain on our terrace. Winnie brought the fruit, apple, canteloupe, and green grapes. Sara and Angie brought some cured meats and cheese. They bought the Serrano Ham (a bit dry) and a moderately spicy salami at the cured meat vendor at Grand Central Market. I don’t have the name for the salami but it’s clover shaped and very good. The meat on the very left is the Salchichon from our Despana Basket.
cured meats

Aside from the Manchego (standing up in the back), the rest came from Murray’s in Grand Central. The blue cheese was made with goat milk but I was surprised that it made no impact. It tasted like a basic mild blue. The little wedge in front is the Brillat Savarin, which I love. It’s a triple cream, with the texture of whipped cream cheese and a light flavor. The flat piece is the Beaufort Alpage, both Winnie’s and Lon’s favorite. Known as the king of Gruyeres, it tastes like gruyere but the texture is harder. We forgot to take a picture of the St. Marcellin, which comes in a little crock so that you can heat it in the oven. It’s very similar to a brie and tasted great with fig spread.

cheese plate

I also made a salad, roasted some garlic, and baked No Knead Breads (from the previous post). If you love going to wine bars but want to save some money, you can do it yourself at home. It’s also an awesome way to do a potluck since everyone can bring a piece of it, without having to cook.

roasted garlic
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