We were so excited to have foodies from out of town join us for dinner. Unfortunately, we also had a Fios installation that got delayed 5 times (meaning we waited each time and they never showed up) and ended up finally happening yesterday. They occupied my kitchen and dining room (really my living room with a table that just folds out to be bigger) from around 10:20am to around 4pm. I had to simplify my plans a bit and that also meant no recipe writing. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the pics anyway.

We started with a Warm Bruschetta of Slow Roasted Tomatoes with thinly sliced garlic. (We forgot to take a pic until we almost finished it.)

Warm Bruschetta

2nd Course – brussels sprouts with bacon, topped with shrimp, with a squeeze of lemon and some zest.
Shrimp Bacon Brussels Sprouts

Fresh Direct had Berkshire Pork Loin on sale so we jumped at the opportunity. It’s rubbed with whole grain mustard, rosemary, salt and pepper.
Rosemary and Mustard Seasoning

After slicing, it was arranged on some Sweet Potato Mash.

Berkshire Pork and Sweet Potato Mash

For dessert, we had Hot Chocolate, Smores, and Spicy White Chocolate.
hot chocolate Spicy White Chocolate

We did two different kinds of Smores. One made with a Ghiradelli Espresso Chocolate, and the other with Bittersweet Chocolate Chips. Of course, both were made using my marshmallows.
Making Smores Smore

It was messy but worth it.
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