Although Lon and I are not drinkers, I was planning on checking out Webster’s Wine Bar Webster’s Wine Bar and having a glass of wine, but my cold was still bothering me so we stuck to food. Our waitress suggested the Spicy Feta and Piquillo Pepper Tapenade as well as the Calabrian-style Butternut Squash and White Bean Dip. I liked the Spicy Feta and didn’t care for the Butternut/White Bean, while Lon decided on the opposite, so we each ended up with our own. They both tasted exactly as described by their ingredients so I guess it’s just personal preference.

Spicy Feta and Piquillo pepper tapenade and Butternut White Bean dip

The Chicken Liver and Pork Shoulder Pate Wrapped in Duck Breast and Bacon was pretty light. The duck didn’t stand out in flavor but the thin layer of duck and bacon (mostly fat) added a nice texture. The tangy and pungent whole grain mustard and sweet and sour pickles helped out the otherwise boring pate. We also enjoyed having the warm toasted bread.
chicken liver and pork shoulder pate wrapped in duck and bacon

Lon will probably forever order the Pata Negra Iberico Jamon whenever possible. After our first taste, Lon was in love. This one tasted a bit different. It was certainly cut differently and a darker portion of the meat, but still irresistible. That tender but chewy, super thin, melt-in-your-mouth fat, salty and a little sweet, perfection of ham. The lightly sugared walnuts and variety of olives were also fantastic, making this my favorite of the evening.
Pata Negra Iberico Jamon

The food wasn’t that impressive but there was definitely some good product selection going on. The service was excellent, pacing out plates to maximize enjoyment. It ended up being the perfect thing for us tonight as we weren’t that hungry and just really tired. Really, the same could be found in NY, but probably not for the price of $36 (including tax and 20% tip).
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