Angie and Scott brought dessert for us: Choctal Ice Cream was a hit. The Canales were a bomb.


The Choctal box included 4 different single origin chocolate ice creams, which is a fun and easy way to do a tasting. All of them were rich in flavor with a wonderful creamy mouthfeel, yet there were definite differences. My favorite was the Kalimantan chocolate, the darkest of the four. I am always partial to darker chocolate. My second favorite (which was Angie’s favorite) was the Costa Rican Chocolate, with hints of coffee. The Dominican chocolate places third for me, last for Angie and the Ghana chocolate was my least favorite, a little fruity, a little more acidic, and more of a milk chocolate. I’d still eat all four though.

Choctal Chocolate ice Cream.jpg

The Canales (Trader Joe’s brand), a dessert originating in Bordeaux, came frozen and needed to be defrosted, and recommended a quick microwave warming. Notice it says, “caramelized on the outside; custardy within”.


Well, it was more rubbery on the outside, spongey and eggy within. No one liked it and the last two went straight in the garbage, as much as that pains me.

I will be looking for more Choctal products but I’m hoping I never see the Canales again.
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